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Modern Primary Care with Old-Fashion Feel




Lifestyle and Family Medicine provides comprehensive and personalized care to achieve and maintain optimal health in all dimensions through prioritizing lifestyle changes  and natural therapies instead of pharmaceuticals and surgeries.


Underinsured People

Lifestyle and Family Medicine is set up to care for people who either don't have insurance or who have high deductibles. We also provide access to labs, meds, and imaging for a fraction of what would otherwise be charged.

Small Businesses Seeking Affordable Healthcare

Lifestyle and Family Medicine (LFM) loves to support small businesses. Healthcare is extremely costly, and businesses who work with a Direct Primary Care clinic like LFM can save thousands of dollars per year.


Anyone else!

Anyone who is seeking personalized, accessible, and affordable healthcare is welcome to join this practice. You will find everything you would want from a primary care practice here. 


Dr. Garg set up her practice the way that she believes primary care should be delivered. She provides the following services to all Lifestyle and Family Medicine members. She also limits her practice to 300 members to make sure she can be available to take care of her patients' needs.

Preventive / Chronic Care

High quality primary care, including annual comprehensive physical, medication refills, referrals, and preventive screening tests. Unlimited  direct access to Dr. Garg, including through telehealth, text, or email.

Lifestyle Medicine

Assessments, education, action planning, and skill-building to improve health through lifestyle in the realms of - diet/nutrition, physical activity, sleep, emotional well-being, toxic substances and environments, and social connectedness. 

Urgent Care

After hours care for urgent care issues, including, but not limited to strep testing, UTIs, kidney stones, urinary retention, lacerations, abscesses, abdominal pain, asthma exacerbations, and more. 

Primary Care Membership Pricing

Not using insurance: $100/month
Using insurance: $25/
month + copays/deductibles

In-network - Straight Medicare, Aetna, and Cigna
rk - all others

Questions? Please book a 30min free meet-and-greet here:


Specialty Areas

Specialty Areas

Cardiovascular Health

Weight Loss


Chronic Symptoms

Gastrointestinal Disease

Mental Health

Neurologic Health

Elderly Care

Why it Works

Adult Students


Dr. Garg is highly educated, trained, and experienced, with many degrees, awards, and accomplishments. She is a published researcher and public speaker.. 



Dr. Garg truly cares about your health and well-being. She makes everyone feel comfortable, and she is accepting of everyone. She is well-traveled and loves learning about different cultures. 



Dr. Garg is an out-of-the-box thinker. She considers all possibilities, and creates unique solutions to problems. She loves solving puzzles and is extremely dedicated. 

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